Documents for Visa

For self-employed.

1) Application form.
2) Valid passport plus a Xerox copy of its front page and all Schengen visas it contans.
3) 2 coloured photographs (3.5x4.5mm or 3x4mm)
4) Xerox copies of the following pages of internal passport: pages concerning the applicant’s biodata and registration
5) A copy of certificate for individual business, a copy of tax registry certificate and statement of income issued by a tax body or a copy of tax declaration. In case the business uses its own seal, a sealed Statement of employment.


Advantages of Residence Permit
Access to public health services in Greece
Access to the public education system in Greece
Freely travel within the Schengen area and live in its territory for 90 (ninety) days every six months
Live in Greece without restrictions during the validity of the permit, without being obliged to become its tax resident

Visa type D (certificate of criminal record, minimum monthly income 2.000,00 euros) Official bank document confirming that the person concerned has an amount corresponding to a minimum of funds sufficient for the existence of his personal bank account in Greece. Lease agreement or a sales contract of any value. The owed payment is also allowed. The residence permit is issued for a period of two years with the possibility of a subsequent extension for three years The right to residence permits is given to minors under 18 years of age The period of compulsory stay in the country is not established

Type C visa issued by any Schengen member country The availability of funds in a bank account in Greece is not a condition Purchase and sale agreement or lease worth more than 250.000,00 euros. Full payment of the cost is made by bank transfer. The residence permit is issued for a period of five years The right to residence permit is granted to children under 21 years of age and the applicants' parents The period of compulsory stay in the country is not established