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Greece is changing and it is changing fast. More important, it is on the verge of a significant growth path, as the economy becomes more open and based on Foreign Direct Investment.

Do you whant to take benefits from an environment that welcomes you and fully supports your investment? 

Owning a property in Greece, first of all, offers you a quality vacation, any time of the year. Greece, is, and always will be, one of the most attactive tourist destinations in the world. Counless turquoise beaches, numerous tavernas, friendly people, the blue sky and an always shinning sun, will make you love this country, more than any other.

Greece today is on the move and our company is here to help you to make your acquaintance with this place unique and comfortable.

New energy sources and pipelines are altering our energy equation. The worldwide popularity of the Mediterranean diet is generating an innovative second-generation food and beverage industry. Our rapidly developing mobile-tech and high-tech industries are attracting global attention. Our tourism industry is a recognized international leader. And diverse sectors such as minerals, biotech, and environmental management continue to offer broad investment and trade opportunities.

Our company is a real estate agency in Greece, that will help you make your dream come true. With a long experience in construction services, our agency has a deep knowledge of hellenic real estate. Take your chance and use our services to obtain the house you ever dreamed of.

With friendly regards
Hionidis Ilias (Chief manager of Buyingreece)

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About Us

Our company is active in the real estate since 1996. We started as manufacturers of wooden cottages in Greece. Since 2012 we extend our services and real brokerage sector. We specialize mainly in the regions of Western Attica and the Peloponnese.

Head Office

Address : West Attica Region
Aspropirgos, Greece
Email : info@buyingreece.gr 
Phone (Greece) : +30 210 5595 531
Mob : 030 6984 006 800

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